Jupiter-Mars Aspects

Jupiter Conjunct Mars

Biting Off More than We Can Chew.

Keywords: exuberance, energy, optimism

We wake up chomping at the bit and can't wait to get started. We grab the football and run far down the field before we realize no one else can keep up. Difficult as it is, we need to pace ourselves. With this can-do attitude, we can easily take on more than we can actually handle. We’re full of energy, exuberant and enthusiastic. Problem is, while we’re surging, we don’t realize that the energy will soon drain away, only to surge again. That’s the scoop for the two weeks or so that this transit lasts. Vigorous exercise is crucial during this time to provide an outlet for this coltish energy, but don't overexert or overextend yourself. Sports and athletics are exciting to watch now, not least because dramatic action on the field could lead to accidents. It’s not just our bodies that are stimulated now: Our faith is, too. We may be too quick to get angry on a point of faith or philosophy. Remember, it's a belief, not a fact.

Jupiter conjunct Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter conjunct Mars in the Transit Chart

Jupiter Sextile Mars

Can Do!

Keywords: exuberant, cheerful, interested

Now’s the time to get physical exercise or the workout done first thing in the morning, because the endorphin rush will last all day. When we feel this eager and lively, opportunities seem to flow automatically. Our task is to pick and choose the best ones from the several that come our way. These two weeks or so are good for all business ventures. Risks we take today will pay off in the future and negotiations seem to go our way too. The energy surge gets us to work early and we make long to-do lists -- which we should modify at lunch, because one of the effects of this transit it to take on too much and overextend ourselves. Nonetheless, energy is abundant, in the bedroom and elsewhere. We feel cheerful and vigorous and can truly enjoy ourselves with some fun adventures if we exercise just a little bit of caution.

Jupiter sextile Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter sextile Mars in the Transit Chart

Jupiter Square Mars

Energy Surges.

Keywords: risk-taking, impulsive, overly optimistic

For the next week or two it’s all a question of too much energy bouncing around and how to direct it. We have a distinct tendency to jump the gun, dashing over the line before the start bell rings, which only forces everyone to go back and start all over again. And we’re so sure we can run that extra mile, jump that hurdle, make that stoplight -- but impulsive bursts of energy can lead to accidents and unwanted visits to the doctor. On the other hand, when we get knocked down, we get up again, just like the song says. Whether we’re impulsively adventurous, thoughtlessly hasty or rebelliously risk-taking, our confidence is misplaced. Our blossoming egos may need some pruning. It won't be too severe, though, and we’ll definitely be the better for it. Intermittent surges of energy can suddenly evaporate completely, so make hay while the sun shines. We should resist any temptation to gamble or speculate at this time, because we feel a sense of luck that time will betray.

Jupiter square Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter square Mars in the Transit Chart

Jupiter Trine Mars

Raring to Go.

Keywords: optimism, good cheer, good luck

Abundant physical energy is the hallmark of this transit, which comes around once a year and lasts a couple of weeks. We leap out of bed, raring to go. It’s a good idea to get the workout done first thing in the morning, both as an outlet and as a regulator of energy. That good, clean feeling will last the rest of the day. Our good cheer and enthusiasm about work are infectious. We see the big picture as well as the small stuff and how it all fits together. This is an excellent time for any new business venture or transaction, because we feel principled and optimistic about our endeavors. Success is a very likely result. Is this what they call ‘luck’? After work, with still more energy to spare, we might engage in vigorous athletics or sports of any type. Even a good romp in the bedroom provides an excellent outlet as well as lots of fun.

Jupiter trine Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter trine Mars in the Transit Chart

Jupiter Opposite Mars

Testosterone Surge.

Keywords: aggressive, tactless, rebellious

Unfortunately, we find ourselves burning the candle at both ends for the two weeks of this transit. Attention wanes, risks are taken and accidents can happen. Even more likely is some type of standoff or head-butting, often about an issue of beliefs or principles. Usually, we are so convinced we're right, we won't even listen to anyone else. If only we could see how preposterous this is. Not only that, but why waste our breath arguing with someone who’s never going to agree? In order to make progress, both sides have to give in at least a little. It's the only way out of here. If anger raises its ugly head, keep in mind that the force of our reactions may not match the supposed crime. No use hollering over a glass of spilled milk. Physical energy and even aggression surges and wanes now. Try not to overdo or overcompensate.

Jupiter opposite Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter opposite Mars in the Transit Chart

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