Venus in Leo

Kelli Fox

Venus moves retrograde in Leo on July 31. It will turn direct on September 6.

Under the influence of Venus in Leo, and depending on how this transit affects the other planets in your chart you may suddenly develop what they call ‘champagne taste,’ which means that you want only the best for yourself. And you’ll be able to make that happen, to the extent that you can afford it.

At this time you may find you have no qualms whatsoever about retail therapy, because looking good will be important to you. Even on a low budget you’ll be able to put together stylish ensembles. You’ll know what looks good on you.

Happily, your enthusiasm won’t just be confined to fashion. Interpersonal relationships are another area in which you’ll process plenty of fire and drama with this influence. You’ll be an ardent lover and passionate partner. You’ll also love being in love and as a rule you won’t have problems with attracting lovers or making friends.

At this time you won’t be shy about demonstrating your affection, either; you’ll win others over with your enthusiasm, personal warmth, and joie de vivre. You’ll tend to express yourself quite dramatically – even making mountains out of molehills, but this type of drama will be your way of keeping things interesting.

During this period you’ll be quick with a hug and other forms of physical affection and you’ll readily share your inner light and warmth.

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