Sun in Taurus

Kelli Fox

The Sun moves into Taurus on April 20 where it will stay until May 21.

Under the influence of the Taurus Sun, and depending on its transits to planets in your natal chart, you may find yourself slowing down and taking time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Creature comforts become more of a priority, and you’re tuned into the sensual side of life. Gardening, spending time in nature, and nurturing your body with loving care are some possible expressions.

You may also become more security-minded, and bring a very practical focus to money and material possessions. There could be a desire to strengthen your financial foundation and to accumulate more things. This is a time for getting in touch with what really matters to you, and then taking sensible steps to manifest more of what you want.

It’s possible that you could have a hard time getting started on a project — the Taurus Sun can bring out a streak of laziness and over-indulgence! But once you get going, you’re likely to tap into the stamina and persistence of the Bull. One deliberate, methodical step at a time, you can follow through to completion whatever you start. Quality is more important than speed, and you can create results you’re proud of.

Stubbornness is the shadow side of the Sun in Taurus. You might have a tendency to get overly attached to one way of doing things, or to your own point of view. Be willing to change course if all signs point to being on the wrong path, and be willing to accept help from others.

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