Solar Eclipse

Kelli Fox

It’s a Solar Eclipse in Virgo at 20 degrees.

Evaluate the areas of your life that need improvement

The Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse turns you toward more serious matters over the coming months. You may be mulling over the nuts and bolts of your daily life. Work may be a concern or perhaps a health matter, or even how to run your life more efficiently. Evaluate the areas of your life that need improvement. You may want to start listing a few areas that need your attention.

Identify what needs changing in your life

Don’t worry too much about the details yet; just work on identifying what it is you would like to change. If you find that walking up a flight of stairs causes a strain on your heart, perhaps it’s time to start an exercise routine. A job that seems to be a complete waste of your time may very well be. Consider how you can accomplish the same ends by adjusting the ways and means of completing them.

Make a mental commitment to change

Spend time in contemplation without the distraction of music or chatter. Make notes to yourself citing several areas you want to improve. Look around your home and your workspace. Is something particularly glaring? Any visible clutter? Make a mental commitment to change. Brainstorm on possible tools you might need to help make the job easier. Allot yourself several days to really get organized, including a detailed checklist to help you remember every step along the way. You’ll surely feel much clearer once you’ve created the space to do so.

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