Saturn in Sagittarius

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Saturn in Sagittarius: Saturn moves into Sagittarius on September 17 until December 2017. The last time Saturn was in Sagittarius was December 1988. The next time will be February 2044.

Saturn changing sign

From October 2012, we’ve experienced Saturn’s transit through Scorpio as an intense period where we’ve lost control, gained control and then lost control again. The underlying themes during the Saturn in Scorpio transit were suspicion, and a need to own and shape the world around us. This has been a tumultuous period in the global arena, and international mistrust has grown.  Can we expect any lessening of the tension as Saturn moves into Sagittarius?

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn is not well placed in Sagittarius. These two energies are fundamentally at odds with one another, with Saturn’s emphasis on restriction and responsibility against the freedom-loving, expansive, restless vibe of Sagittarius. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until December 2017, although the retrograde Saturn will re-visit Scorpio briefly between June and September 2015. Between now and December 2017, we’re likely to see an increasing focus on the world affairs governed by Sagittarius, such as religion, publishing and higher education.

Religious regulation

With Saturn in Sagittarius, religions of all kinds will face increasing scrutiny from the state. Moderate religious leaders will be called upon to reign in and address the fundamentalists and extremists within their own faith, and the public will increasingly call for religious regulation and oversight of some kind. However, Saturn energies are very traditionalist, so the power of mainstream religions may be strengthened. This balance between supporting traditions while restricting fringe movements is a key battleground for the coming years.

Higher education

As Saturn moves into Sagittarius, we may also find that access to higher education becomes more limited. We may begin to move away from the notion that higher education should be accessible to all, and to re-embrace the idea that the majority of the population does not need or require it. Of course, this will prove a highly controversial idea – although higher education access was much less widespread in the past, the public do not generally take kindly to the turning back of the clock. Cost will be given as a key factor in these kinds of decisions, but at the same time, Saturn in Sagittarius will support those who branch out on their own, turning their backs on formal education to become entrepreneurs and pioneers through their own efforts.

Publishing and the media

Sagittarius has strong associations with publishing and the media, but when Saturn transits this sign we often see the freedom of the press brought into question in some way. The media is near impossible to control in this digital age, but it looks as though that won’t stop some quarters from trying.  However, Sagittarian energies always seek to redress the balance of justice, and any attempts to limit press freedom are likely to be fought with vigor.

Eco-friendly transportation

On a more positive note, Saturn brings structure and discipline as well as restriction, and during the Saturn in Sagittarius transit we are likely to see this in new scientific advancements. Eco-friendly transportation and environmental solutions of all kinds will get the funding and the focus they need in the coming years, and we can expect large leaps forward in this area.

Freedom versus restriction

The period to late 2017 looks set, therefore, to be a complex one, with the underlying themes of freedom versus restriction appearing right across the global and political arena.

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