Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Kelli Fox

Mercury moves retrograde back into Libra on October 27th. It first turned retrograde in Scorpio at nearly 12 degrees on October 13th. It will turn direct on November 3rd. 

Misunderstandings tend to arise

The retrograde Mercury in Libra could indicate a period of disharmony between people involved in relationships with one another. Misunderstandings tend to arise within close relationships between romantic partners, business associates, or even best friends. Normal communications seem to go haywire for no apparent reason. Whether it’s a simple misinterpretation of a few words or general disagreement about larger issues, your usual synchronicity with your partner can be off. You may not see eye to eye on matters.

Old grievances

What is required of you is extra patience. Instead of pushing forward aggressively, you may wish to take a step back and listen to what your partner has to say. Old grievances may also arise so this could be a chance for you to address problems that have remained unspoken but entrenched in each of your minds.


You may or may not wish to be more compromising, depending on all the factors involved. But if you choose to avoid an overdue confrontation, you may find that you can’t escape it altogether. The conflict may resurface until it is dealt with. This planetary influence also makes social gatherings a little awkward since it is not conducive to friendly chatter or small talk.

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