Retrograde Mercury in Leo

Kelli Fox

Retrograde Mercury moves backwards into Leo on August 31 until September 9

Passionate Responses

The retrograde Mercury in Leo triggers passionate displays of expression that are sure to cause reactions from you and from others. This fiery planetary influence inspires more emotion behind words and thoughts, which inspires passionate responses, which in turn, ignites the airspace with electricity.

Pushing Your Agenda

You may or may not want to engage yourself in the thick of things, depending on your personality and mood. You’re apt to say what you feel without a great deal of discretion. Your will is strong and you don’t like to be silenced. You may be a more aggressive in pushing your agenda.


However, your force of will and manner of delivery may meet with some resistance from equally charged individuals with their own agenda. Your powers of persuasion may fail to have the desired effect that you wish. Instead of forging ahead with new proposals or engaging in a shouting match, your time could be more effectively utilized through creative channels.

Artistic Mediums

Internalize your passion and release it through artistic mediums such as painting, writing, or music. Revisit an old creation that could use more time and attention then you previously allotted. Be careful with your spending habits at this time.


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