Mercury in Gemini

Kelli Fox

Mercury moves into Gemini on April 30 where it will stay until July 8. Mercury is usually in a sign for three weeks but this time it will turn retrograde on May 18th at 13 degrees Gemini. It will turn direct on June 11 and then finally move into Cancer on July 8.

While Mercury is in Gemini, and depending on how it affects your birth chart, your mind might zip along at the speed of light. Some of us may be as clever and mischievous as monkeys! You could find yourself making mental leaps from one train of thought to the next and discover a sudden fascination for a variety of subjects. Your curiosity could take you in all sorts of exciting directions — enjoy the ride!

Don’t bother trying to stick to one subject for too long, or get too deeply involved in one pursuit of study. This is a time to cast a wide net, picking up bits of information and experiences that you can later organize into a meaningful pattern.

Your mind is exceptionally flexible and versatile, able to see any situation from multiple points of view. For this reason, decision-making could be a challenge, and you might find yourself driving other people crazy by frequently changing your mind. You get bored easily now, which could also make it hard to commit.

Get out and socialize. You’ve got the gift of gab, and might especially enjoy day trips with friends, neighborhood gatherings, and speed dating. Trivia games, crosswords, and any activities requiring dexterity could be satisfying now. Fine woodworking and playing musical instruments could also be fun for your nimble fingers.

When Mercury turns retrograde on May 18 some of us may find that it is a slippery influence that wreaks havoc on our information-dependent society. Words have a way of being misconstrued or misunderstood during conversations. Sentences you speak have another meaning than the one you originally intended. It almost seems as if you are speaking a different language than the person you are conversing with.

What you can truly depend on, during this time, is that you can’t depend on anything running smoothly. Language, in all its various constructs, can be a quite a challenge. This includes writing, programming, and foreign languages. Speak slower and listen harder. And don’t think your computer is exempt from this planetary influence either. After all, our PCs are the great purveyors of information to us through the web. It too will frustrate you with crashes, loss of data, and general orneriness. Backup your files!

When you are frustrated enough to pull the plug on your computer and your mouth, stand back for a moment, and stop. Reroute your activities. Edit reports, rework passages on essays or articles, reread computer manuals for troubleshooting. Reconcile and apologize. Or watch a comedy with friends. In short, go with the flow, not against it.

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