Mars in Leo

Kelli Fox

Mars in Leo: July 1 – August 17

Upbeat and Enthusiastic

Under the influence of Mars in Leo, and depending on how this transit affects the other planets in your chart, your upbeat and enthusiastic way of moving through life during this period will both amuse and inspire others.

Initiative and Intensity

You’ll have so much energy and drive that you really need a direction in which to focus yourself, or you’re likely to be all over the place – you’ll be so passionate! If you decide to devote yourself to a person or a cause (even when that cause is yourself!), your initiative and intensity will be something to behold.


Your own ego will be your primary motivation, but when you operate at your best, you’ll devote yourself to bettering conditions for others. In this way, you’ll be truly like a ray of sun that shines and touches people you’re not even aware of at this time. You’ll be action-oriented and won’t be satisfied just sitting around.

Strong Libido

Physically, you’ll have a strong libido and make an ardent lover. You’ll probably ‘run hot,’ generating a lot of body heat; in this case, the outer reality will mirror the inner condition of your passion for life.

Looking Good

During this period, you could put a lot of energy into exercise and looking good, because your appearance will be important to you. Think about it this way, your body is your vehicle and you’ll like driving a really nice car!

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  1. Barbara on July 1, 2019 at 10:38 pm

    Scorpio/Sagittarius, Leo Asc with Sagittarius moon Thanks!

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