Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

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It’s a Super Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries.  A Super Moon means that the Moon is closer to the earth than usual in its orbit around the Earth and thus appearing larger.  This Super Moon is the second of three in this series. The first was August 29 and the last will be October 27.

A Lunar Eclipse is an “Earth sandwich”

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up with one another, creating an ‘Earth sandwich.’ A lunar eclipse can only happen at the time of the Full Moon, when a shadow of Earth is cast upon the Moon, darkening it.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

During this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, you may see some of your efforts beginning to pay off over the coming months. You could receive recognition for your spirited, enthusiastic preliminary work on recent endeavors. Your leadership qualities may also be commended for rousing the troops in an effort.

Be a team player

However, in your desire to be the head of the pack, you may run into resistance from others who believe in group consensus. You might need to be more of a team player. You can’t really run a show without the crew on your side, so you’ll have to balance your need to be the head honcho with a cooperative spirit. Try not to have any temper tantrums when you don’t get your way, or are challenged by dissenting views.

Romantic activities can be very passionate

Your energy level can be quite high during this time. Romantic activities can be very passionate if you keep your lips and hands busy! You are likely to take decisive action. If you’re not getting satisfactory results, consider what you might need to cut out.

Trim down

Think about what you need to lose in the process of moving forward. As the moon begins to wane, you may need to let someone go who is no longer needed on a project, or maybe tossing out some excess weight that is keeping you down. A strong backbone is needed not only for expanding projects but also for trimming down.

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