Full Moon in Aquarius

Kelli Fox

It’s a Full Moon in Aquarius at 22 degrees.

The Full Moon opposes Venus in Leo, Mars in Leo and sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius

The Collective Good

During the Aquarius Full Moon, you may notice how your input on an issue has generated change for the collective good. Whether you have taken on the fight of the century or confronted a local community issue, you should feel pleased that you have made a difference in your corner of the world.

Power in Numbers

This process has helped you become more aware of the power in numbers. One individual may have trouble raising their voice, but a group of dissenters screaming in unison is darn hard to ignore. It’s perfectly fine for you to get recognition for your efforts and to feel good about your contribution. After all, it is individuals that make up a team!

Taking Charge

In personal matters, the radical changes you initiated during the New Moon begin to produce results. No longer beset by feelings of helplessness, you have proven that you do know how to take charge of your life. Change is something that people generally try to avoid, but not you, not now. Continue the process even further. Rely on friends for their support.

Flashes of Insight and Offbeat Ideas

Be completely open to quick flashes of insight and offbeat ideas. Place yourself in the presence of like-minded folks who are at the forefront of change. They will be an inspiration to you in more ways than you expect, challenging you on many intellectual and emotional levels. As the moon begins to wane, try to eliminate old or antiquated ideas.

Full Moon opposes Venus

During the course of this brief transit, we might find that some people are oversensitive, taking offense where none was intended. There’s a strong tendency to project our feelings onto others, particularly those to whom we feel closest. Memories surface that inhibit our coming together with others, and unexpressed emotional content affects the way we see and relate to other people. Since creative energies are heightened at this time, perhaps the best course of action is to focus on that aspect and try to limit interpersonal contact until this influence is over.

Full Moon opposes Mars

For may people, this short monthly transit brings out their most sensitive and moody side. Many people become defensive and are easily wounded. Some may even pick fights with others, especially those closest to them, in overt power plays or emotional projections. Immature or reactive behavior can be evident. Because this energy often operates unconsciously, it often manifests as a blaming attitude; fortunately, any finger-pointing is probably short-lived. Tempers are often short and emotionally based confrontations are quite common. A better way to handle it is to take a brisk walk to discharge any excess energy.

Full Moon sextile Jupiter

During the short influence of this transit we feel happy, upbeat and optimistic for the future. People are kind to each other and extend offers of generosity and goodwill. With this kind of astro-weather going on, it’s pretty easy to reach out and make connections that are meaningful, even if they’re casual. The greater good of all comes into focus, exceeding personal satisfaction. This is a great time to dream about the future and what we want to see happen; the seeds sown now, in good faith, will bear fruit in times to come.

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    August 2019 Full Moon, Thursday, Aug. 15th, 8:30 a.m. E.D.T.

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