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Venus unaspected

A Vague Longing for Love

Kelli Fox

Despite the fact that you are a loving, well-mannered and affectionate person, you often doubt yourself in these areas, and when others compliment you on your appearance or the nice things you do, you'll wave them off because you don't believe them. It's truly a case of 'You'll see it when you believe it.' At other times you may not even notice the responses and reactions that people have to you. There is a vague longing for love, but you question your own ability to love deeply, and often don't recognize it when it's right in front of you.

Your ideas of romance don't seem to match up with others' ideals of love. You may value a platonic friendship more than a romantic partner, for instance, or be uncertain of others' affection for you because you don't see yourself as lovable. If you get stuck in that mindset, you may find romance isn't an important part of your life, or conversely, you may have many lovers without developing an emotional attachment to any of them. You have the capacity to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships, so don't question yourself.

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