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Venus trine Uranus

One of a Kind

Kelli Fox

You have a playful, fun way about you that is uniquely attractive to others. You make friends easily because you are tolerant, interested in people of all ages and from all walks of life. Your range of acquaintances is broad and fascinating.

Your friends are as important as -- and maybe more important than -- romance, and you have the distinct tendency to remain friendly with lovers even after you've both moved on to someone new. Your tastes are just as unusual when it comes to love as anything else for you; there's a fascination for what is new and different, for things you've never tried before. To be frank, you get bored rather quickly and do not like to be around slow or dimwitted types. You can detach quite easily from people and may have 'friends in spots,' or circles of friends who gather around a specific interest or hobby. Your creative streak is powerful and original and it's very healthy for you to give it full expression. Whatever your medium, you're very innovative and create new ways of expression that are often interesting and exotic, like nothing anyone has ever seen before. You're often far ahead of your time!

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