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Venus trine North Node

Creating a Beautiful Future

Kelli Fox

Your creative ability and your talent for building effective and close relationships are important aids for you in achieving your life purpose. You are very lucky in this regard, for other people play an important role in giving you what you need, at the right time, in order to keep you moving along your path of destiny. Your goodwill and loving nature enable you to envision a future that is indeed bright and better than the life you're in today; you aim for Utopia and nothing less.

You believe in abundance, and therefore it flows to you. More than most, you are able to create your own reality in the most positive sense; negative messages to yourself are minimized with this aspect, and your good faith in the future is probably the single most important factor in magnetically attracting this favorable future your way. You also understand the idea that 'you can't take it with you,' so as much as possible, you enjoy your physical senses and grasp the importance of appreciating the earth in the most sensual ways: sniffing the flowers, listening to the birds, enjoying the taste of different foods. Fortunately for you, 'being here now' leads to a fulfilling and satisfying future.

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