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Venus trine Neptune

Dream Weaver

Kelli Fox

Seemingly without effort, you channel the music of the spheres into the most sublime sounds and visions. You simply close your eyes to connect with the ethereal dreamworld that you sense surrounding us all. You float so easily in that other world that it may be a struggle for you to get grounded in the real world.

When you do, your big heart and compassion help you to connect with others in ways that make them feel the touch of unconditional love. There is a selfless quality to you, which attracts you to the healing arts or service professions. You also have a wonderful creative capacity as well as an appreciation for the arts and for music. Romantically, you are quite a dreamer. You have distinct ideals about what you want in a lover and as long as you're seeing a potential partner realistically, you can be quite discriminating, looking for that perfect one. For similar reasons, you may hesitate to commit, feeling that someone better might come along, and you wouldn't want to be tied down when that happens. You may be quite concerned about your appearance, sparing no expense to establish a specific image -- whatever you may have dreamed up.

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