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Venus trine Mars

Friendly Competition

Kelli Fox

Male and female, yang and yin, animus and anima -- you've got a good balance of these complementary energies in your life. You act appropriately, with a good sense of when to be assertive and when to capitulate or cooperate. You like friendly competition, such as athletic events, games or any activity where you match your skill and wits with others'.

You know how to have a good time without going over the top. Naturally, you're usually on the list when people send out invitations for parties, because just about everyone likes to be around you. When it comes to romance and relationships, this is an area where you do not lack experience. You're warm and friendly and fun to be around, so you're quite attractive and may not realize the erotic charge you exude. You may be a little impulsive in this department, frequently or spontaneously hooking up with someone new, having more than one relationship at a time or even being involved in the occasional scandal. Your libido runs strong so it's not surprising that a lot of your energy is devoted to keeping physically fit, enjoying activities such as dancing and definitely participating in lusty adventures. This aspect lends a strong creative streak as well as a huge capacity for pleasure.

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  1. MILES THOMPSON on March 20, 2018 at 10:09 am

    I have Venus in Aquarius trine Retrograde Mars in Libra. I have Sun in Pisces opposition Retrograde Saturn in Virgo all day. Birth time unknown. Suspect Saturn maybe in First house. Very shy to ask women for dates. Could the Sun/ Saturn smother the Venus trine Mars to some extent.

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