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Venus square Uranus

Doing it Differently

Kelli Fox

You're a big fan of the different and unusual -- the quirkier the better, as far as you're concerned. Your tastes are quite singular but you're also a trendsetter as others try to copy your inimitable style. By the time they've discovered you, you've moved on.

Your romantic life reflects the same themes; you're interested, all right, but as soon as you've hooked up with someone, you start to feel pinned down. It's a constant struggle between wanting to be together and needing to be free. There are various ways you can handle this dilemma. You may routinely leave your lovers before they leave you (and you're sure they will); you could play the field, running forever from a committed relationship; or you may fall in love with someone who is married or who travels extensively, and is therefore essentially unavailable. In the best of all worlds, you'll choose someone whose needs reflect your own, so you can learn together to traverse the tricky landscape of a successful relationship. In any event, your partnerships will not be the average, run-of-the-mill type; you're more likely to be involved in unusual, forward-thinking arrangements that solve both your need for love and your need for freedom. It's a good thing you don't particularly care what others think!

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