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Venus square Neptune

Living in a Dream World

Kelli Fox

Self-discipline is not your forte, is it? 'Indolent' may be a better word to describe you. You'd rather lounge in bed in the morning than get up, and you like to sleep and nap and dream.

Then you float through the day, much more involved with your fantasy life than with the real world. Truth is, you don't even want to face the unpleasantness of the everyday world. It's so much easier to pretend that everything is fine, just fine. You spend money that you don't have, leading to problems with debt and credit ratings, and may repeatedly lose money through your own financial irresponsibility or your partner's. In romance, you see only what you want to see, leading to repeated disappointment and disillusionment when reality sets in. Your good heart and genuine ability to see the best in everyone leave you unfortunately gullible and vulnerable to other people taking advantage of your good nature. If you can learn to see more truthfully and set better boundaries for yourself, you'll be able to develop the positive meanings of this aspect: a spiritual love, a profound appreciation for music, art and beauty, and an ability to channel the highest vibration of all.

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