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Venus square Mars

The Pleasure Principle

Kelli Fox

You're generally not shy when it comes to approaching someone you're interested in, whether it's on a personal or a professional level. In fact you're likely to respond to a person of interest on a very gut level and then immediately act on your instinct, without thinking through the consequences of the things you initiate. Sometimes this works for you, but often you find that you've got more on your hands than you bargained for!

Romantic relationships are likely to be a particularly sticky area. You've got an active libido and a straightforward way of expressing your affection and intentions. There are times when you come on too strong; other times, you're easily swayed when the other person comes on strong. Flirting goes on unashamedly even when you're partnered. You'll probably get yourself into any number of relationship pickles from which you'll have to extricate yourself. With enough experience you'll learn to look before you leap, and then you can comfortably demonstrate the extent of your affection and the vigor of your desires to your chosen partner. Do remember to come out of the bedroom from time to time and exercise your extensive creative ability. You're not content simply to observe beauty. You want to get right in there and create it.

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