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Venus square Jupiter

Some Like it Big

Kelli Fox

You're a lucky one; things often just seem to go your way. But while good fortune seems to follow you wherever you go, it's not to your benefit to become dependent upon your good luck. Following the path of least resistance and counting on your previous history with luck can quickly lead to spinelessness and underdeveloped personal strength.

You may demonstrate an attitude of entitlement regarding the good things in life: that you deserve them simply for being you, and not for anything you've worked to achieve. Don't permit yourself to be idle for too long or to fall into the lap of luxury. You're a very nice person and you mean the best. You like social situations but may unconsciously feel that you have to buy your way into higher status groups in order to be upwardly mobile. You're prone to making grand gestures and excessive gift-giving in order to prove your worth, and definitely prefer to be around lots of money. There's no reason why you shouldn't move with utmost confidence, even in the toniest crowds. You've got excellent social sensibilities and make others feel welcome and at ease. Focus on your positive features to unlock the best potential of your personality.

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