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Venus sextile Uranus

True to Yourself

Kelli Fox

You're delightfully different than other people who surround you. You have a highly developed, original, imaginative streak that gives birth to innovative and beautiful creations, so this is an area that you should give full range of expression. You're playful and unorthodox.

People from all walks of life call you their friend; your tolerance and interest in anything different gives you a great ability to talk to just about anyone, although people who are stupid or uncreative bore you. Your unusual personality and appearance make you popular with a certain crowd, not that you try to be popular; you'd rather be honest. You get tired of people rather easily, so you keep lots of friends around. Even in romantic relationships, you prefer to have a more open arrangement so you can both come and go when you want. You find yourself attracted to partners who are quite different from the norm; the stranger the person, the more you like them. You, yourself, take a perverse pleasure in surprising or even shocking others with your strange behavior, but generally you try not to carry this to the extreme. You simply enjoy being true to your unusual self.

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