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Venus sextile Saturn

Quality of Love

Kelli Fox

You take love quite seriously and although you may have occasions when you feel imperfect or undesirable, in general you are ready to embrace love when you find it. You have a practical view of romance and relationships; you know that they require much work and patience, and no one is as ready as you are to supply these qualities to the partnership of your choice. You're not afraid of commitment, and are ready to stick it out for better and for worse.

Somewhere in your history was the message that it's bad to be vain, so you may dress simply, with a minimum of cosmetics or hair products; or you could go to extremes in the other direction, spending hours creating a businesslike image with the perfect clothes and hair. You're practical with money, rarely indulging in any spending sprees, and prefer to buy quality at a very good value. In fact, you've got a knack for finding good sales, and that always gives you a sense of inner satisfaction. You're a humble person and may prefer the company of older people to those your own age. You have an innate maturity and wisdom which particularly shine when you're involved in an intimate relationship.

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