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Venus sextile Pluto

Dress for Success

Kelli Fox

You feel attractive and therefore you are attractive, and you enjoy it all the way. You know just how to dress to project a certain image, how to pay careful attention to your appearance in order to be noticed. You often go for the retro look and have a great knack for recycling old clothes into jaw-dropping modern wear.

That creative streak probably manifests in other ways, too, and in fact you are able to give voice to some powerful expressions that are buried within you, no matter what your medium. You don't mess around when it comes to love. When you see someone who is deeply attractive to you, you can become quite taken with them. In fact, you'll have to be careful not to become obsessed, and can expect some experiences with unrequited love. But when you hook up with someone who returns your affection, your passion runs deep, which will in turn feed their flame of passion as well. The sex you enjoy is more powerful when it is a reflection of true love and devotion; it is these situations in which you'll find the most personal satisfaction and the deepest connection.

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