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Venus sextile North Node

The Right Person at the Right Time

Kelli Fox

You are able to combine your friendships and relationships with the things you do for personal growth in order to move yourself along your life path. You have the good fortune of meeting the right people at the right time, just when you need the thing that only they can give you. It may seem like you're just more lucky than many others, but in fact it's your optimistic and loving nature that enables you to see and take advantage of these opportunities instead of passing them by.

You have natural social skills, and this lubricates the way for your social success, not in terms of being popular, but in terms of being loving and loved. You're also a person who enjoys being on the planet, in a sensual way: You appreciate the smell of the woods, the vibrant colors of flowers and vegetables, the soothing sound of the ocean. The funny thing is, indulging in your senses actually furthers you along your path of growth. Others could learn a lot from you in regard to physical enjoyment of the earth. Your aesthetic taste tends toward the refined and sophisticated, and you have a strong creative flair as well as 'champagne tastes.'

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