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Venus sextile Jupiter

The Good Life

Kelli Fox

Somehow, no matter how bad things seem to get, you always seem to have confidence that the situation will improve, and soon. Your optimistic nature and faith in the future are among your best traits. All that, and you're nice, too!

Not only are you charming, sociable and pleasant to be around, your cheerful attitude inspires and comforts other people, and your genuine good will toward everyone sets a fine example of positive thinking for those around you. And you are truly generous, giving freely to friends and strangers alike, to anyone who seems like they can benefit from what you have. When opportunities come your way to help out folks in need, you're there, whether it means a cash donation, serving food at a homeless shelter or showing up on Saturday morning to help a friend move. If you have a fault, it's likely to one of self-indulgence. You're not exactly lazy, but you prefer the easier road to the harder one, and may enjoy too many sweets and treats. 'Just one more little cookie can't hurt,' you tell yourself, and down that road lies danger. However, these are the problems of someone whose life is a good and enjoyable one, and you are a purveyor of the Good Life!

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