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Venus quincunx Neptune

Dream a Little Dream

Kelli Fox

You have so much love to give that you build a dream world in which you're able to shower your fantasy partner with the love and affection that you feel so strongly within yourself. But will this love ever be expressed in a healthy way down here on the material plane? You're prone to romantic fantasies that are quite unrealistic.

In the real world, you're generous and kind, and others find it soothing just to be around you. The more they express their gratitude, the better you feel, because your self-doubt prevents you from recognizing your own best features, so you need the external validation. You're prone to confusion in relationships; you're not sure exactly what you want, which leads to confusing communication and unclear expectations. You can be fickle, suddenly growing cold toward a person you were hot for only yesterday. You often attract partners who mislead you, intentionally or otherwise. You're so sensitive to what others think that any suggestion of disapproval can send you into despair. Grounding your relationship expectations when you're not in love will help you settle down and focus more effectively.

Venus quincunx Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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  1. Des on December 1, 2017 at 11:35 am

    When I read this I was like wow that’s me all the way. You gave very helpful advice thank you.

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