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Venus quincunx Jupiter

Can't Buy Me Love

Kelli Fox
Venus quincunx Jupiter

You give and you give -- but when is it enough? This is a chronic question in your life. You are very generous with your time and money; you're the first to volunteer when someone needs help, and the last to leave.

You don't do anything halfway. Of course, this gives you the liberty to call in those favors when the time comes, and that's something you enjoy even more than helping others out. This whole dynamic helps you avoid the issue of determining how much your time and energy are worth -- a subject you'd rather not approach, since you often don't know how much to charge for your services. This parallels your attitude toward love and affection: You may have a problem accepting love because in your heart of hearts, you worry that you're not worthy of it. You could unconsciously use your generosity to win favor and, in a sense, 'purchase' love through the favors and services you give. A life challenge for you is to develop perspective -- to discern between true affection and feelings not just of gratitude, but also of indebtedness due to your generosity.

Venus quincunx Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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