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Venus opposite Saturn

Suffering for Love

Kelli Fox

Love and relationships cause a lot of trouble and grief for you. You long for a close, intimate relationship but there are many obstacles in fulfilling this goal. You may have some deep-rooted negative beliefs about love; you might see yourself as inhibited or inexperienced in love, feel unattractive or unlovable, or shield yourself from others in order to protect yourself from the possibility of intimacy.

If you don't suffer from these problems, you may attract partners who do. It's very tempting to lay the blame at their feet but in fact these problems arise from within you and are simply being projected onto your partner. There are times when you feel alone, isolated and perhaps depressed. It's possible you can still feel lonely, even when you're in a relationship, if it's with a person who is remote, unloving or unavailable, or whose work calls them away frequently. You may demand constant proof of their affection, fearing that they plan to leave you; it's hard for you to see that your very fear drives away the intimacy you desire. Yours is not an easy road when it comes to love. Be gentle with yourself, and know that you are indeed lovable and perfect in your own way.

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