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Venus opposite Pluto

Love, Money and Power

Kelli Fox

There's simply no such thing as a casual relationship for you, is there? You're not a person who falls in love after a lengthy courtship; nope, you crash into love at first sight. And then you set out to win the heart of the object of your affection (dare we say obsession?) by hook or by crook.

You'll stop at nothing to gain the affection of someone you desire, but many times it's just to see if you can do it, and you may lose interest the moment they've declared their affection. Relationships that you do maintain tend to be intense and rather messy, running the gamut from dizzying passion to searing pain. There can be efforts to control the relationship through money or sex, and you might be on either end of the equation. Security and love are all balled up together for you, so you may marry for money or suspect that others love you only for your wealth, in whatever form that may take. Emotionally you can be quite demanding and high-maintenance, insisting that your partner demonstrate their love in numerous ways. Breakups are particularly scary, because you are not very good at letting things go. That's the irony of this position: It's only by letting a lover go and permitting them to stay with you by choice that you will find the security in love that you seek.

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