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Venus opposite North Node

The Siren Song of Relationship

Kelli Fox

You love to be in love, but the unfortunate problem is that chronic involvement in relationships will not only distract you from your true life path, it will in fact lead you in the opposite direction from where you should be going. The hard part is that due to past-life influences, you are quite conditioned to being in relationships all the time, and may continue to believe even in this lifetime that you can't be happy unless you are in one. The connection, the passion and the intense emotions that result from new relationships keep you focused on what are essentially past-life activities, instead of concentrating on where you should be heading in your current life.

It will be difficult to put your social life and even your serious relationships on the back burner while you try to sort out what your true life path entails, and how to accomplish it most effectively. But that is what must be done, and the rewards of doing it are great, even if you don't recognize them right away. Be very careful not to be overly dependent upon relationships, using them as an excuse not to learn to take care of yourself properly.

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