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Venus opposite Neptune

The Disappearing Perfect Partner

Kelli Fox

Are you consistently deceived by your partners? Surprised when they reveal flaws and imperfections that you'd never before noticed? Have you or any of your partners been involved in secret love affairs, Been taken advantage of, or lost money in a romance?

These types of situations happen when you can't -- or won't -- look honestly at yourself, your partners and your relationships. As long as you're seeing only what you want to see and avoiding reality, you're bound to suffer disappointments and extreme disillusionment in romance. Although on the one hand you have a very romantic and idealistic nature, on the other hand you consistently try to evade commitment and true intimacy. You have an unspoken fear that someone better might come along. This uncertainty plus your yielding nature make it very easy for unscrupulous sorts to take advantage of you. Your inner voice will guide you correctly once you learn to move out of your dream world into your heart. You have true compassion and can easily be a channel for the most sublime love of all, that cosmic creative force that flows around you and through you as a healing touch for yourself and others.

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