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Venus opposite Mars

Push Me Pull Me

Kelli Fox

You're a warrior in the battle of the sexes. The attraction of opposites is an active principle in your life, and your relationship history is a perfect reflection of this. Impulsive in love, you often find yourself embroiled in one passion-based relationship after another, sometimes starting a new one before the previous one is finished.

You may experience extreme role-reversal, sometimes taking on the more feminine role and other times a more masculine one, no matter your gender. You may also find yourself involved in a classic pursuer-distancer type of relationship, where the partners take turns with one coming on strong and the other playing hard-to-get. Another possibility is that you project one side or the other onto your partner: Either they come on too strong (you'd never do that!), or are too wishy-washy (that's not you, either!). The key to solving these types of problems is to recognize that both sides exist in you, and that you must claim them. When this occurs, when you find that point of inner balance, you can begin to make the most of this aspect, with its incredible creative and passionate potential. You have love and you have strength; now you must learn to use them in proper proportion.

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