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Venus opposite Jupiter

No Limits

Kelli Fox

Self-discipline is not your forte, is it? You tend to go over the top on just about everything: too many sweets, too many drinks, too much spending. You act as if there were no limits to your behavior, and as if you are entitled to everything you want.

If you yourself are not guilty of these excesses, then you may well attract a partner who is. Understand, though, that this tendency originates from within yourself; learning through experience to accept limitations without resentment or whining is what will lead to personal growth on your part and will help you access the better parts of this particular aspect. You have a certain charm and charisma, but your desire to be popular with everyone can lead to grand gestures and trying to buy people's affections with gifts and favors. You may not be particularly energetic but should try to avoid a pleasure-seeking or lazy lifestyle; indolence will do nothing to build your inner strength nor will it lead to self-development. Participate in activities that give meaning and purpose to your life. Finding universal love gives you a great outlet for all the love and optimism that naturally circulate within you.

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