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Venus in Virgo

The Dedicated Partner

Kelli Fox

The kinds of things you look for in a romantic partner are different than the things that most people want. Appearance (other than neatness) and income might be the last factors on your list. Instead, you want someone who is kind and humble, who appreciates all the ways you take care of them.

It really doesn't take that much to make you happy; your needs in a relationship are simple. Your ideals are very high, and you may not be willing to settle for less than what you want. Still, you are self-effacing and very humble, and may not have the self-confidence to go after the object of your heart's desire. You can feel so unsure in love that sometimes you might be tempted to join up with someone who doesn't truly deserve you, figuring that imperfect love is better than no love at all -- and who can blame you for such a choice? Once you've committed yourself to someone, you are a paragon of devotion and dedication, often sacrificing your time and energy for the success of the partnership. The flip side of this is that you can be quite sensitive, and have your feelings easily hurt. Keep your confidence up; you have so much to offer, you'd be a lucky catch for anyone.

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