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Venus in Taurus

Champagne Taste

Kelli Fox

You are warm and affectionate, and you love your creature comforts. Good food, nice clothes, plush carpets, yummy sex -- you want it all, and feel rather entitled to having it. You go for luxury, and have what used to be called 'champagne taste': wanting only the best, sparing no expense.

Hopefully your budget allows this; you are, after all, a magnet for money. If you have to make do with less than you'd like, remember you've still got a great knack for putting together stylish clothes, home decorations and just about anything else, making a little bit of money look like a lot. You've got great taste and an artistic knack. Comfort is as important to you as appearances, so you tend to go for plush furniture and stretchy clothing. A love of sweets could make your weight a constant battle. When it comes to love, you are quite cuddly and demonstrative, never hesitating to express your affection for someone. You are sensual and love physical contact. Kinetically attractive, others are compelled by your magnetism, and you may have to set firm boundaries to deter unwanted suitors. Friends and family love you for your inclusive nature, warm embrace, and loyalty. You know how to have a good time, which helps everyone else have fun, too.

Venus in Taurus in the Solar Return Chart

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