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Venus in Sagittarius

Party On!

Kelli Fox

Your love of life, freedom of spirit, and sense of adventure make you a popular and desirable person to be around, and you may at times have so many invitations that you have to pick and choose where you'll go and who you'll spend time with. You don't like to be tied down and it may take you longer to commit to a one-on-one relationship than it does other people. And once in a relationship, your need for freedom continues, so you'll have to be careful to choose a partner who isn't threatened by your array of friends and acquaintances.

You like a vArity of people and are therefore very tolerant, and you are likely to have friends from many places across the globe. When it comes to love, you want your romances to be an adventure, and you prefer to be actively doing things instead of passively sitting around. Your relationships are a key component of your desire to broaden your scope and widen your realm of experiences, understanding ever more about the world in which you live. You are very idealistic, with big dreams, and you want your friends and partners to share in those dreams. Just make sure you give equal time to their dreams and ideals, too.

Venus in Sagittarius in the Solar Return Chart

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