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Venus in Pisces

Sugar and Sugar

Kelli Fox

You're sweeter than sugar and softer than a pillow. An incurable romantic, you live in your own little dream world, at least as much as the cruel world will permit. You may be very detached from the reality that most people experience, but you are incredibly creative and open to inspiration.

In fact, developing that creativity and artistry will give you a great deal of satisfaction, and will bring joy to others. Let that motivate you. Your concerns are not those of the earthly plane. No, you have a vision, and one can only hope that other factors in your chart will enable you to express in tangible form the incredible inner beauty that you possess. However, you can be very easily distracted by sensation and pleasure, so much so that your life could devolve into moving from one hedonistic activity to the next. Do you really want that to be the focus of your life? Be aware of your own sensitivity. Your radar will help you avoid environments that are uncomfortable or unhealthy for you. When it comes to romance, you can fall in love in a moment, but remember when this happens that you're in love with love, not the reality of the person sitting across from you. It takes time to develop the quality love you seek.

Venus in Pisces in the Solar Return Chart

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