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Venus in Libra

A True Sweetheart

Kelli Fox

At your best you can be as sweet as sugar. You were born knowing that you'll catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar, and you use this concept to lubricate your social life. Good manners and common courtesy come naturally to you.

This, and a good grasp of protocol, make you a natural negotiator or diplomat; you know when to find consensus and when to compromise to move the process forward. You're a wonderful friend and a sympathetic listener; you're strongly idealistic, with a powerful sense of justice and fairness. Friends who need a sympathetic ear often call on you, and you are too polite not to give them your time, even if you can't really afford it. You hate confrontation. It makes you feel tense and uncomfortable, and you'll do just about anything to avoid it. Your relationship needs are strong and you'd rather be with a partner than without one. You may hop from one relationship to another without much time in between to recover. This sort of manic relationship-hopping is a sure sign you need to slow down and spend some quality time with Number One. After all, you can't truly love others unless you love yourself.

Venus in Libra in the Solar Return Chart

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