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Venus in Leo

Nothing but the Best

Kelli Fox

You have what they used to call 'champagne taste,' which means that you want only the best for yourself. And you make that happen, to the extent that you can afford it. You have no qualms whatsoever about retail therapy, because looking good is important to you.

You've got great taste and even on a low budget you can put together stylish ensembles. You know what looks good on you. Happily, your enthusiasm is not confined to fashion. Interpersonal relationships are another area in which you process plenty of fire and drama. You are an ardent lover and passionate partner. You love being in love and as a rule you don't have problems with attracting lovers or making friends. You aren't shy about demonstrating your affection, either; you win others over with your enthusiasm, personal warmth, and joie de vivre. In close relationships, you are most devoted and loyal. You tend to express yourself quite dramatically, at times making mountains out of molehills, but this type of drama is your way of keeping things interesting for yourself. Always quick with a hug and other forms of physical affection, you readily share your inner light and warmth.

Venus in Leo in the Solar Return Chart

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