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Venus in Gemini

A Flirtatious Butterfly

Kelli Fox

You're extremely sociable and have a wide vArity of friends, and this is something that you should strive to maintain as you get older even if you settle down. Since you have a wide assortment of interests and things you enjoy doing, you may have 'friends in spots' whom you only see when you do certain activities. That's fine, of course.

The important thing is to keep the connections alive and flourishing. You have a love of learning and are curious to find out about many different subjects; in fact, no one can keep you from learning about something that interests you! In romance, you are quite playful and flirtatious and you'd rather play the field than settle down right away. Dating several people at the same time is not unusual for you; nor is having friends cross over to lovers and vice versa. You must be extremely careful with your declarations of love, because although you may feel extremely 'in love' in the moment, you may not feel that way at all when you wake up tomorrow. You don't want to leave a trail of broken hearts in your wake! Before hitching up with anyone, make sure you stay in love for an extended period of time first.

Venus in Gemini in the Solar Return Chart

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