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Venus in Capricorn

Quality Love

Kelli Fox

Rather serious in the realm of love, you can be quite shy and reserved, afraid to demonstrate your affection and risk unrequited love. There is a strong sense of restriction in the way you approach your relationships. Somehow you're not quite sure of yourself, or whether the object of your affection will return your feelings; this makes you so nervous, you'd rather say nothing.

Which is a shame, because your love is so good! You will happily devote yourself to taking care of a partner and your sense of commitment is very strong. Work to develop your confidence and your relationships will improve a lot. If you're artistic, you have a special ability to manifest the results of your creativity. You may work in stone, wood, or some other heavy medium, and the tone of your work, while beautiful, always has a serious message that you are trying to convey. When it comes to money, there is no sense in displaying a poverty consciousness. You will be more successful and attract more money with confidence than you will with reticence. You're not likely to spend your money on anything frivolous; you want things that are not only practical but also of good quality.

Venus in Capricorn in the Solar Return Chart

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