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Venus in Cancer

An Incurable Romantic

Kelli Fox

You're a real softie, aren't you? An incurable romantic, tender of heart, and warm of spirit. You can fall in love in an instant, but getting out of love is another story altogether.

That's not nearly as easy! You're quite tenacious in love, after all. And you don't want just a little bit, either; you want the whole enchilada -- going steady instead of casually dating; marriage, not just living together; family gatherings at the holidays, not private vacations; and so on. After all, your love is good, and you know it. You'll happily care for your beloved, and take pleasure in doing so. You'll do things for your them that you'd never consider doing for yourself, and in fact, self-care or self-image can sometimes set up the scenario for less-than-ideal situations. Your desire for intimacy with your partner is so intense that you may sometimes fall for a person who really doesn't deserve someone as good as you are. Learn to pay careful attention to the energy exchange in your relationships: There should be an equal give and take. If you see that you're giving everything and receiving nothing back, that's a danger sign you should address right away. Otherwise you'll get resentful, and that's not going to feed your heart the way you deserve.

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