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Venus in Aquarius

Happily Connected

Kelli Fox

You have a wide array of interests and a broad variety of friends. In fact, all those friends are one of the keys to your enjoyment of life: Frequent lunch dates and phone calls keep you connected, and when you're connected, you're happy. When you're establishing a relationship, you do so on a mental level first.

To you, that is the most important area of contact. You tend to have specific friends associated with certain activities, and your groups of friends may never interact with each other, which is perfectly okay with you. Romantic partners often start off as friends, and you usually remain friends even if the romantic nature of your relationship changes. This comes as a surprise to many, but you can detach from relationships quite easily. In fact, you have a hard time understanding people with lots of emotional baggage. The solution is simple, it seems to you. Once you're done with a person, whatever the reason, you simply wash your hands of them. Cutting old connections and keeping your boundaries clear and firm are very healthy ways of relating and a lot of people could learn some good relationship habits from you. On the other hand, you could learn some sympathy and compassion from them.

Venus in Aquarius in the Solar Return Chart

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