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Venus conjunct Uranus

Strange Love

Kelli Fox

Your tastes in love, romance and people is, well, different -- and you like it that way. You're not at all interested in conventional types of relationships, nor are you attracted to ordinarily types of partners. Nope, you prefer unusual, unorthodox folks who do unexpected things and who need as much personal space as you do.

You tend to keep friends longer than lovers, and often former lovers remain friendly with you. Frankly, you like to surprise and even shock people, and romance provides a perfect arena for this, not just in the way you behave but also in the partners you choose. You require a lot of excitement to keep life interesting, so when things start to get boring, that's when you bring out your bag of tricks. If that fails to revive the situation, one of you may leave abruptly. You can be quite willful, and 'Because I want to' becomes a good enough reason to do anything. You're not afraid to try new things and like to experiment in the bedroom and elsewhere. You're passionate but aloof, a combination that makes you popular, but you don't care to bend for others or meet them halfway. You can count on having a very exciting, unusual love life!

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