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Venus conjunct North Node

Growth Through Relationships

Kelli Fox

You will not walk alone on your life path, not in this lifetime, anyway. Your personal destiny is 'growth through relationships.' Partnerships and all one-on-one relationships provide the arena in which personal growth will occur. Knowing this radically increases the value of other people in your life, for every person can be viewed as an agent for your growth.

Maximizing the potential of each relationship brings the greatest benefits for you and for them. You are naturally kind and loving, and somehow you make every person you're with feel like they're the only thing in the world that matters to you. The universe seems to guide you gently along, bringing you people who are ready to help you and provide you with material comfort, support and affection when you need it most. The underlying message is that the universe is fundamentally good, that love opens up the correct path for you and that bringing people together furthers not only your life journey but benefits others as well. You have an ability to creatively demonstrate your vision of the future, and have great faith in the abundance of the universe and the good fortune of your future.

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