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Venus conjunct Neptune

Imagining the Perfect Love

Kelli Fox

Ah, you beautiful, sweet, deluded person. Reality is just too distasteful for your sensitive, refined soul. Fantasy is so much better than reality, isn't it?

That dream world in which you live has been conjured up from your fondest wishes, your most hopeful ideals. It's a place of beauty where everything is perfect, just the way you want it to be. And you certainly don't want ugly, imperfect reality intruding! So, you simply refuse to look at the reality, preferring instead to imagine yourself existing in a more perfect world. This does not make you a very good judge of character, since you see only what you want to see in others, through the veil of your ideals. In fact you can be entranced by a beautiful (to you) person, imagining a relationship that does not truly exist in real time. You're as easily seduced by glamour and images as you are by the thought or reality of a new lover. Yours is the fairy-tale romance, turning away from the real world. This idealistic energy can easily be diverted to, or coexist with, a talent or ear for music, refined taste in the arts and a devotion to the spiritual or religious life in which you seek the most sublime love of all.

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