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Venus conjunct Mars


Kelli Fox

You've got it all when it comes to charm, charisma and getting your way. When you walk by, heads turn. You may not even be aware how much sex appeal you exude, although you can hardly miss the effect you have on others.

Your natural warmth and affectionate nature make you a most attractive date or partner, and in truth you prefer to be in a warm, loving relationship than to be alone, so you are rarely without a lover for very long. Your approach is straightforward and your manner uninhibited. As a child, you may have had to compete for love in your family, and thereby developed the charm and diplomacy that you have today in order to seek attention and love. In additional to your extreme desirability as a partner, you have a strong creative urge. Not satisfied with simply looking at or listening to beautiful things, you far prefer to actively play or do or create them, even going so far as developing your skills to the point of entering competitions in your craft. Unless other factors in your chart indicate stubbornness, you have a good sense of when it's better to concede than to fight, yet you do not permit yourself to be run over.

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