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Venus conjunct Jupiter

Big Love

Kelli Fox

You've got a big heart and a very generous nature. You're remarkably cavalier with your money, spending freely on yourself and others, having perfect faith that there's plenty more out there and it will come to you quite easily, almost without any effort on your part. This inborn attitude of being well off is reflected in your emotional generosity and good will; you have a wealth of feelings, and you feel wealthy.

Even the bad times don't seem so bad to you! You like being around other people and you like having a good time, so your social calendar is usually full. You are charming and warm, and enjoy physical contact with people; you prefer a hug to a handshake. Philanthropy comes naturally to you. Your benevolence and charity are best when done privately, out of the public eye, which indicates humility and sincerity and reduces any appearance of self-congratulation. Pay attention to the spiritual side of life, and develop philosophies that give your life meaning and substance. Instead of frittering away your resources, use them for the greater good, a cause to which you can contribute an enormous amount of time, dedication, energy and money.

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