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Uranus trine North Node

Making Progress

Kelli Fox

You make the most progress when you feel you have a calling in life, especially one that is progressive and humanitarian. A direction to follow, however unusual, keeps you on track and moving forward, not just in a professional or personal way, but also in a life-calling, individual-destiny way. You will attract people along the path of life who encourage you to follow your heart.

The ones who can see the dream in your eye will point you toward your destiny and propel you along your path. So don't ignore your friends, or strangers either, for they could be messengers or helpers along the way. You need more independence and freedom than most, and will be quite insistent on getting it. A certain amount of rebelliousness is actually good for you as long as you don't take it too far. Shaking up the status quo and helping others see a more Utopian future is your specialty.

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