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Uranus square Pluto

Bigger than You

Kelli Fox

You were born under the influence of global energies that are bigger than any individual. The themes and issues of these energies, including earthshaking upheaval, revolutionary change and powerful breakthroughs, were not only evident in the news when you were born, but will also manifest in your personal life. The turbulent cultural and social environment that were activated at the time of your birth may have even affected your family or the way you were raised.

You will learn early on how to cope with circumstances you didn't expect, and how to respond to power plays. Although this is probably not the major aspect in your chart, it can provide a backdrop of uncertain emotions; you feel uneasy and insecure because you're never sure when something else will happen that could alter the very foundation of your world. The future does not feel very secure to you. There is the possibility that you, yourself, could be rather disruptive, engaging in behavior that is designed to shock other people. In your detached state you simply may not care what they think.

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